Nordic Tugs

Owner Testimonials


"I have been a boater all my life and my Nordic Tug is nothing short of a hand built piece of art. I see the personal attention that was given during design and construction in every corner of the vessel. I will never consider another boat, with the exception of a Nordic 32?"

Mike Arnold
Nordic Tug 26-103
Andrews, NC

"It was love at first sight. When we went on board, I was overwhelmed! It was stable, spacious with a warm feeling. The wooden ship's wheel in the pilothouse — it was evocative of sailing adventures you read about in the classics. The tug had everything a ship should have and perfectly fit the mystique in our minds."

Fred and Marilyn Ferber
Lady M
Nordic Tug 32
La Grange Park, IL

"In a word: Consistency. The build quality of a Nordic Tug is consistently top quality, the handling of the boat is consistently predictable, it is consistently stable and the pleasure it delivers to the owners and their guests is consistently enjoyable."

Irwin "Scotty" Scott
Three Jeans
Nordic Tug 37-063

"As Puget Sound power boaters for over 10 years, we found ourselves exhausted at the end of the day from a perilous journey at 22 knots (on plane), white knuckles clenched on the wheel, staring dead ahead fearfully on the lookout for logs and gulping gas at $3 a gallon. Now in our 37' Nordic Tug we've learned to relax, plod along at 8 knots, watch for wildlife and casually think about where we'll stop for fuel sometime in the next year or so. Our only regret is that it took us the 10 years to figure this all out!"

Jeff & Merna Brein
Nordic Tug 37-012
Bainbridge Island, WA

"To have a boat that continues to draw many compliments is a good feeling indeed! Our Nordic Tugs 37 has stopped people in their tracks. Often, after leaving, they then come back. When offered a tour inside, they readily accept our offer and then are as impressed, if not more so, with the interior as with the exterior which originally caught their eye. On each occasion, we reflect on our good feelings about our original decisions to first buy both our 32 and now our 37. Great boats aesthetically and practically! A very pleasant experience whether cruising, at the dock or touring interested strangers."

Dick Seymour
Sea Mischief II
Nordic Tug 37-106

"...The people at the company we've dealt with universally showed in-depth knowledge of the boat's construction, and we continue to be amazed by how well they support their boat owners. In a world of "We don't know, or can't help, or that's not our fault" corporate response, Nordic Tugs really stands out to be an exceptional company in all respects. Great boat, too."

Ken & Georgianna Jegen
Aunt Bess
Nordic Tug 37-076
Treasure Island, FL
(Excerpt from letter to Passagemaker).