Nordic Tugs

What Makes Nordic Tugs Different

Built for Cruising

To understand what's special about Nordic Tugs trawlers, it helps to learn what's special about Nordic Tugs owners. The people who buy, love and use our boats aren't your average, casual weekend dock-jockeys. Most have already owned a boat or two and have defined what they're looking for in their ultimate cruiser. And when it comes to being on the water, they put twice as many hours on a boat in a year compared to the average yacht owner.

These are the people Nordic Tugs are designed for…energetic, enthusiastic and passionate!

From a semi-displacement hull that's equally at home in protected or coastal waters to quiet operation and hand-rubbed hard wood interiors, each of our boats is crafted to delight power boaters who embrace the cruising lifestyle.

Owner Photos

37s Morning
Cruising the BVI's
32's On Parade
Hamburg Cove, CT
Chatterbox Falls, BC
Tugger On Deck
Defining Freedom
Orca in Haro Strait
Amazing Race
Cruisin the BVI's in a 54 32's on Parade Hamburg Cove, CT Mesmerized Chatterbox Falls, BC Tugger on Deck Defining Freedom Orca in Haro Strait Amazing Race Good Morning! Going to be a Great Day

Quality Construction - Built with Pride

At Nordic Tugs, the emphasis is always on quality over quantity.  Each one is inspected  at every stage to ensure it meets stringent requirements for performance, durability, comfort, silent operation and fuel efficiency.  Over 120 components and processes are checked on the hull and deck before the two parts are ever bonded together...and this is only the beginning of Nordic Tugs’ quality assurance. Our vacuum-infusion process creates parts with a precisely controlled amount of resin for exact duplicates in weight, strength and density. And the finishing work is equally meticulous, from the hand-picked hard woods to the wiring harness, called by one reviewer as, "a textbook example of how to do it right."

Only after the entire boat has been checked and all systems have been run-up at the factory does it have a chance to prove itself at sea.  A Nordic Tugs test crew puts every boat through an extensive protocol of tests and maneuvers in actual sea conditions to insure compliance with all quality standards before it is returned to the plant and prepared for delivery. 

It's the kind of quality you don't often find in production boats — a quality we confidently back with a full 10-year hull warranty.

"Nordic Tugs have a reputation for being very well built, and my inspection confirms that."

-Roger McAfee, Nordic Tugs 42 Sea Trial, Sea magazine, June 2007

Sea Trials - From the Factory, to the Sea

Every boat we build is trucked to the water for a thorough sea trial before delivery to its new owner. During our day-long sea trials, we put the boat through its paces — cruising at various speeds, executing quick turns and making sudden accelerations and decelerations. Armed with testing equipment from decibel and infrared meters to anemometers, our knowledgeable sea trial team ensures that all systems are operating correctly and makes minute adjustments to ensure that the boat you receive is turnkey and ready for cruising.


Craftsmanship in Design and Construction

Every handcrafted Nordic Tugs boat begins with thoughtful design, from fiberglass components engineered for added strength and safety to a spacious engine room with systems that are easy to access and clearly labeled. And because we know that quiet operation and freedom from vibration is important to you, that's designed right into the construction from the keel up and is never an afterthought.

Nordic Tugs are designed by top marine naval architects. Then our highly trained lamination specialists, experienced carpenters and skilled mechanics take that design and execute it with precision and artistry, producing a boat that exceeds all expectations for quality.

At the dock or offshore, you'll appreciate the skill that went into the assembly of every component of your Nordic Tugs trawler.

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