Nordic Tugs

The Nordic Tugs Difference is in the Details of Construction

Hull Design - Stability Without the Drag

Designing the hull for a cruiser or trawler is a balancing act. You want a design that offers stability both for comfort and safety, adequate speed so you can get to your destination and have time to enjoy it, and fuel efficiency so you can explore without worrying about the next fuel stop.

At Nordic Tugs, we've met this challenge with our unique semi-displacement hull, designed to meet the demands of serious inland and coastal cruising. At low speed, it conserves fuel and reduces roll. At high speed, it rises up to reduce drag. A versatility that neither a full displacement nor planing hull can match.

The unprecedented structural integrity and reliability of our hulls allows us to provide our customers with a 10-year warranty against both structural failure and osmotic blistering.




Hull Design Details

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A fine entry bow provides a quiet, dry ride even in adverse weather conditions.

The Nordic Tugs full keel improves tracking and reduces drift when maneuvering.

A hard chine reduces roll, increases efficiency and is inherently stable.

Heavy-duty stainless steel shoe protects the propeller and rudder.

Round-reverse transom sheds water in heavy seas

An extended hull/boarding platform allows easy transom access and extends the waterline length for better performance.

A flared hull helps keep the boat dry.

The molded mid guard adds strength to an already solid hull.

State of the Art Factory

Every Nordic Tug is born in the U.S.A. and is brought to life by a dedicated long-term work force in a clean and healthy environment.

Our 80,000-square-foot facility was custom built in 2007 exclusively to produce quality Nordic Tugs. Creating a new facility instead of retrofitting existing buildings allowed us to design around our own process without having to make a single compromise — all our buildings give workers the space, lighting, superior ventilation and equipment they need to ensure that your boat is assembled with the utmost care and quality.

The factory is equipped with four five-ton hoists, and its modular design allows us to accommodate any size Nordic Tug that is required — with room to build up to 17 boats at a time. Thanks to these factors, along with strict environmental compliance, our factory is acknowledged to be the premier boat-building facility in the Pacific Northwest, meeting EPA emissions compliance standards by a wide margin.

Factory Photos

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  • Hull Creation
  • Hull Creation
  • Craftmanship
  • Factory Refit
  • Hull Creation
  • Hull Creation
  • Hull Creation

Every Piece is Chosen for Quality

Some 1,200 to 1,500 parts go into each Nordic Tug, and each part is carefully chosen for its durability, performance and aesthetics.

We use only multidirectional stitch mat fiberglass cloth and a special vinylester resin for added strength, durability and resistance to osmotic blistering. Stainless steel reinforces critical areas such as the shoe and rudder support on the keel.  The hull and deck joint as well as the bond of all major laminated components is fiberglass reinforced for maximum strength. Wires and cables are marine grade tinned-copper for a lifetime of trouble-free operation. Finishing materials like solid hard woods, hand-picked to match grain, add elegance to the interior.

From soles to salon roof, Nordic Tugs are built for years of reliable service so you and your family can go where you want, when you want, and know that your boat is ready and waiting for the next journey.

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